Monday Mindset – Book Introductions

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back from winter break (I’m not sure if winter break should be capitalized or not.  It seems specific and important enough to me to deserve to be capitalized, but I’m not entirely convinced that it is a proper noun).  I hope all of you had a restful and relaxing holiday and are back with a rejuvenated spirit.

This semester I will be doing something a bit differently for the Monday Mindset posts.  I will be reading two books this semester – Mathematical Mindsets and How We Learn – and sharing my notes, thoughts, and reflections over each with you each Monday.

I chose to focus on Mathematical Mindsets because I have a fixed mindset about math, and I also have a great many students in EDUC 1300 who feel the same way.  I’m hoping that I can discover ways to help both myself and my students.

While How We Learn isn’t directly related to mindset, I feel as though we (people in general – I definitely do not have a mouse in my pocket) think we know how learning occurs based on nothing more than our own experiences.  Therefore, we paint everyone with our same brush and develop a mindset around that belief.  I’m hoping that How We Learn will clarify and correct some of my own fixed mindsets about learning.

I have divided the books into sections and plan to post about each section on the indicated dates below.  If you are interested in reading along with me and/or having some deeper discussions, leave a comment below or contact me via email.  I will order a book for you and schedule some book discussion sessions if enough people are interested.

Jan. 15 – Mathematical Mindsets – Introduction and Foreward

Jan. 22 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 1

Jan. 29 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 2

Feb. 5 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 3

Feb. 12 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 4

Feb. 19 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 5

Feb. 26 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 6

Mar. 5 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 7

Mar. 19 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 8

Mar. 26 – Mathematical Mindsets – Chapter 9

Apr. 2 – How We Learn – Introduction

Apr. 9 – How We Learn – Part 1 (Chapters 1-2)

Apr. 16 – How We Learn – Part 2 (Chapters 3-5)

Apr. 23 – How We Learn – Part 3 (Chapters 6-8)

Apr. 30 – How We Learn – Part 4 (Chapters 9-10)

Wish me luck and happy reading!


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