Recent Research – December 2017

As you read this, the fall 2017 semester is coming to a close, and you are winding up the semester and preparing for your winter break festivities.  I’m sure that reading research over the holidays is high on your list of priorities (NOT!).  But, if you are thinking ahead to 2018 and planning your New Year’s resolutions or goals, here is something you might want to consider.

Take this time to review your career goals and skills.  I have never thought much about my career or my skills beyond getting degrees and attending conferences/workshops in my areas of interest.  A few months ago, however, I overheard a colleague talking about a five-year plan, and it made me realize that I might need to be more strategic about where I’m going and when I want to get there instead of being at the mercy of my supervisors.  So I Googled and YouTubed five-year plans and researched how to create one.  What I soon realized is that I needed to go a step further.  I needed more information about the positions I might like to hold one day.  I used HigherEdJobs to identify jobs and then made a list of the skills those jobs require that I currently do not possess.  My intent is to work on obtaining these skills gradually over the next five years.

For those of you who are happy where you are and with what you are doing, here are a couple of “light” reading research links for you:

Developing a Learning Culture: A Framework for the Growth of Teaching Expertise
by Nancy Chick, Natasha Kenny, Carol Berenson, Carol Johnson, David Keegan, Emma Read, Leslie Reid

Guiding Principles for Assessment of Students’ Learning by Gabrielle Lindstrom, Lynn Taylor and Ashley Weleschuk

Where you are and whatever you do, have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable vacation.  You’ve earned it!



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