Lifelong Learning – December 2017

I’ve always considered myself to be a lifelong learner.  I enjoy taking classes and learning new things.  However, I don’t often remember or acknowledge what I’ve learned and/or what I know.  As with some other things, like being grateful, I have a tendency to take my learning for granted.  I often don’t document or track what I’ve learned and/or the skills I’ve gained, so when it comes time to submit my faculty profile each year and complete my yearly self-evaluation form, I’m often scrambling to remember what I’ve done and what I’ve learned that has potentially increased my value as an employee.

One thing I’ve discovered lately has also led to something of a mini-brainstorm.  I read “Turn Your Weekly To-Do List Into a Raise or Promotion” by Kate Frachon and “The 15-minute weekly habit that eased my work anxiety and made my boss trust me more” by Khe Hy.  While I can’t envision my boss particularly enjoying receiving an email update from me on what I’ve accomplished each week, I can see this information being useful to me – especially when it comes time for the faculty profile and self-assessments.  This led to the thought that I could track this information weekly in a weekly planner or notebook so I would have easy access to it whenever it was needed.

Along those same lines, it occurred to me that I could also document my daily learning much as some people track daily gratitude.  If noting the things you are grateful for each day leads to feelings of more gratitude and happiness, then noting one’s learning might also lead to feelings of growth and worth.  A simple listing each day of something you’ve learned could help boost your intellectual happiness and eliminate feelings of stagnation and/or monotony in your work life.

I plan on incorporating both of these ideas into my weekly schedule next year.  How do you track your accomplishments and lifelong learning?


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