Monday Mindset: Mindset vs Passion

It’s that time of the year when I begin searching for a new planner/calendar and the myriad of productivity tools that come with with (Who am I kidding?  Anyone who knows me know I search for these items year round, but that’s not the topic for today.).

While looking at planners at Ink+Volt, I realized they also write a blog, so I decided to read all a few all of their posts (apparently blogs are my new Twitter).  One in particular caught my attention:  “You Can Do Anything with This Mindset” by Kate Frachon.  The theory here is that instead of finding a career you enjoy, you commit to your job and bring whatever it takes to that job.

I’ll admit, it goes against everything we’ve ever been told about careers and our futures.  And, it’s a direct contradiction to the TedTalk by Larry Smith “Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career.” Smith argues that people create excuses for when they fail to follow their passions which is why they are not happy in their jobs.

In contrast, Frachon believes that a job can’t bring you satisfaction.  For her, it’s about your mindset – how you see and think about your work – that makes a difference.  She outlines four key steps to take to make any job your own if you are really in it for the long haul.

If it’s all about developing the right mindset, then Frachon is correct.  All it takes after that is the grit to follow through.  And, at some level, I agree with Frachon.  I may not want to come to work the Monday after a week-long vacation, but if I approach it with the right mindset, it’s not so bad.

However, I’m still torn; it sounds a bit like the chicken and egg theory to me.  Do we love what we do and find jobs doing it, or do we find a job and learn to love it?

What are your thoughts?  Did you follow your passion to the job you love or did you learn to love your job?


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