Free Speech to Text & Voice Control Options

Sometimes you need help seeing or knowing what’s on the screen, hearing sound, interacting with your device or using the keyboard/mouse, and/or reading, spelling and writing. These resources can assist you with finding ways to best utilize built-in accessibility features. Speech to text, voice control, and/or virtual/digital assistants may be helpful.

Note: You will need a built-in or external microphone in order to use these features. You will usually need to visit your microphone settings to give programs permission to access your microphone. Also, some features may be limited based on your location and specific device.

Tips for improving accuracy:

  • Limit background noise if possible.
  • Use a noise-canceling mic or a mic/app designed for voice recognition compatibility.
  • Keep your microphone the same distance from your mouth. The best distance may be 1-2 or 3-4 inches, but it depends on your microphone.
  • Speak in long, natural utterances. Think about a phrase before you say it.
  • If the application allows, personalize vocabulary (especially proper names and technical or discipline-specific terms). Some applications learn/adapt or become more accurate the more you use them.

Apple Accessibility

Microsoft Accessibility

Web Browsers

Google Keep (option to speak voice notes)

Available in Chrome: Speech Notes

My Computer My Way

This site walks you through steps you can take to make your computer, tablet and/or mobile device more usable for your specific needs.



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