Learning Links – November 2017

CAPE started our professional development/professional learning blog a few years ago to provide short professional development opportunities to those of you who may not have time to attend a workshop.  As with most blogs, we were fairly diligent and consistent with our daily and weekly posts when we first started, but as our jobs changed and our priorities shifted, our posts have become fewer and fewer.  However, our content is hopefully still relevant and useful.

I have often struggled with content to share with my readers for my weekly posts.  I don’t have a designated niche like accessibility, Canvas, or media.  My topic – curriculum and instruction – is much broader (in my opinion), so I’ve endeavored to share my learning with all of you.  For a time, I’ve used the second Friday of the month to share Learning Links – the links I had curated from Twitter and emails on a wide range of curriculum and instruction topics.  Until recently, that is.

My last post for Learning Links was in September, and it was really only one link.  October was a difficult month for me as I was out a good deal for a wedding, a funeral, and a stomach virus (sounds like a great movie title, doesn’t it?).  However, even if I had been in the office, I wouldn’t have had any content to share as I’ve basically quit Twitter which is where I got most of my links.

There are three main reasons for my Twitter boycott.  The first involves my mental health.  Even though I mostly follow academics and academic institutions and use this social media platform for academic purposes (for the most part), I found the political posts upsetting for a variety of reasons.  So, for the sake of my mental health, I decided to take a break from that portion of the world.

The second reason is I discovered I am an article and link hoarder.  I essentially saved links to articles and items I wanted read later on a large array of topics of professional interest.  However, I didn’t actually read most of those articles because I spent too much time looking for new ones.  I was afraid that if I took the time to read something, I would miss something important.  I also found that I was curating the same article numerous times because I had forgotten that I had already saved it “to read later.”  I know have so many articles and links to read that I don’t think I will ever read them all.

And finally, I realized that all of this “research” – although a wonderful fount of creativity and inspiration – actually kept me from focusing on and completing one idea.  As soon as I decided to pursue something, I was distracted by something new that captured my attention.

So, long story short, I have no learning links to share with you today.  Although I could dip into my “stash” and share some items, I feel as though this would be hypocritical of me.  Instead, I’m going to encourage you to pursue a topic of your own interest.  And, if you’d like to share your topic with me, I could probably pass on a few good links from my collection 🙂


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  1. This is so true for especially myself. I find interest in reviewing the files I have saved on my share drive because I find things I didn’t remember I had. I was just trying to organize my saved files onto OneNote in hopes of having everything in one spot. A special thanks to the OneNote CAPE workshop 🙂


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