Read Aloud Options for Web Browsers

This week, we’ll cover a few options for text to speech while using web browsers.

Chrome: ChromeVox

ChromeVox Icon

ChromeVox is a free screen-reader add-on for Chrome and is pre-installed on Chromebooks.

For more information on Chrome, check out Chrome & Chrome OS Accessibility videos on YouTube.

Firefox: Firefox Reader View

Firefox Reader View icon

If the web page has Reader View enabled, it will have a book icon in the browser bar. Activate Reader View, by clicking on the icon. The gray icon will turn orange.

Choose the Narrate option to listen to the page.

Firefox Reader View Narrate icon

You may adjust the reading speed, and if your device has more than one voice installed, you may choose your preferred voice.

Firefox Reader View Narrate Adjustment options

For more information, check out Mozilla Suppport’s Firefox Reader View

Mac and/or iOS Devices: VoiceOver

Apple’s integrated screen reader: Apple’s VoiceOver Guide


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