3rd Party Ease of Reading Tools for Web Browsers

Last month, we looked at accessibility/ease of use features that are built in to popular web browsers. And, we looked in depth at the options available in Firefox’s Reader View. Firefox’s Reader View allows the user to control options for audio, colors, distractions, font, leading, lines and size. It may be accessed by clicking on the Reader View icon in the URL bar or with the shortcut Control + Alt + R. Unfortunately, while this option is available for most web pages, it is not available for all pages. For example, Reader View is rarely enabled on Home pages of websites or web searches. And, it isn’t available for use in Canvas.

Today, we’ll discuss a few 3rd party options for web browsers.


Owl is an add-on for Firefox, and it adjusts the colors of your web pages. It switches to a darker (high contrast) background for all web pages, including Home pages, searches, and Canvas. It allows you to enable it automatically for certain sites. Or, you may turn it on or off as you choose.

Enjoy Reading

Enjoy reading is an add-on for Firefox. Like Reader View, it is available for most (but not all) web pages, and it also works within Canvas. This add-on primarily assists with minimizing distractions.


Readable works with Chrome and Firefox. While it provides the greatest amount of personalization, it only works with some web pages and takes a bit of set up. It allows you to adjust colors, distractions, font, leading, lines and size. It may take a bit of experimentation to adjust specifics to your preferences.

My Computer My Way

My Computer My Way by AbilityNet isn’t a web browser option, but it’s a great 3rd party site that walks you through steps you can take to make your computer, tablet and/or mobile device more usable for your specific needs. You can choose help with seeing the screen, hearing sound, keyboard & mouse, and/or reading & spelling.



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