Lifelong Learning – September 2017

Do any of you struggle to recall what you’ve learned in the last month?  Or any time period?  Why is this so difficult?  I am amazed at all that I learn all month and even think: “I can write about this in my blog post.”  But when I sit down to write, it all leaves me, and I can’t think of anything that I’ve learned.

I’m teaching more classes than usual (for me) here at VC this semester.  Most of the EDUC 1300 adjuncts can only work in the morning, so I’ve taken the afternoon classes.  Since I’m a morning person, I have always enjoyed teaching morning classes.  However, after the classes are over, I’m usually exhausted and very unproductive at my desk in the afternoons.  This semester, however, I’m in my office all morning when I’m most productive.  I thought it would be hard to teach in the afternoons, but it really hasn’t been.  The students energize me and provide a nice excuse to leave my desk and my computer.  And now, when classes are over and I’m exhausted, I can go home.

On a related note, my new role as department chair for EDUC and INRW has me attending far fewer meetings than I have in past years.  In January 2013, I started keeping a sentence-a-day summary of what I do every day.   I started archiving these daily summaries in Evernote and realized that the majority of my work events involved meetings.  I don’t know how I ever got anything accomplished before with all of the meetings I attended.

Finally, I’d like to include one thing my students taught me this summer.  I’ve used announcements in Canvas before, but I didn’t know that students could reply to them until one of my students mentioned she replied to one of my announcements.  I had to go into my Canvas notification settings and include one for announcements so I would know when a student replied.

What have you learned lately?  What have your students taught you?

I would also like to encourage you to start a sentence-a-day summary; it’s a great way to remember what you’ve done…maybe I should change mine to a daily learning summary so I can remember what I’ve learned.

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  1. Love this article. I recently purchased a life planner, and I must admit I haven’t been faithful at keeping it up to date, but your article has inspired me to dust it off and write a COUPLE of sentences everyday. I’m going to challenge myself to write one sentence about what I did (work related) and one sentence about each of my children. I think this will help me remember my priorities as well as the special moments in my life that we sometimes forget. Thanks for the article.


    • Thanks, Deborah! It’s so hard to let the little things that mean so much slip by us as we go about our days. I think that would be a great way to be more mindful of those special things you want to remember. Good luck and keep me updated on how it works for you!


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