Changing Themes

Sometime changing a “theme” can assist visually. You may even decide to switch between lighter or darker themes depending on time of day or light in your office/room. You’re able to choose a high contrast theme globally in Windows, but you may want to make some smaller adjustments within programs. You’re able to do this in both the Office suite and Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

Microsoft Office 2016

The default theme for MS Office 2016 is “colorful.”

To change the theme:

  1. Go to File
  2. Select Options
  3. In the General options area, find Personalize Your Copy of Microsoft Office > Office Theme
  4. Choose from Colorful, Dark Gray or White

Adobe Acrobat & Reader

The default theme is light gray. To adjust the background color,  go to the View menu and choose your Display Theme (light or dark gray).

You may also want to check out magnification options in the View menu. Under Zoom, you have options such as Pan & Zoom, Loupe Tool, and Reflow.

For quick magnification, click Control +/- to zoom in or out and Control 0 to fit to the screen.



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