Recent Research – September 2017

Well, this semester has gotten off to a “stormy” start!  (ok, I just had to do it…)


Hurricane Harvey 2017

Today I have 5 articles to share with you.  I can’t say that they are “recent” as I’ve been collecting them all summer waiting for the blog posts to begin again.  It just took me a bit longer to get prepared to post this semester.  However, I think that these articles are still worthwhile and hope that they benefit someone in some way.

  1.  Motivate Learning Through Online Games by Holly Lutze, Ph.D.
  2. Mastery Learning: Policies and Procedures that Help it Work by Denise Lujan
  3. Students’ Attitudes towards Mathematics at a Historically Black University (HBU) by Jonah Mutua
  4. Breaking Out of the e-Learning Courseware Box: Integrating Social Media by Steven S. Vrooman, Ph.D.
  5. Self-Regulation and Students with Mental Illness by Ren VanderLind

Each of these articles can be found on the Texas Success Initiative: PD website.  If you have any recent research that you would like to share, please send them to CAPE, and I’ll post the links next month.

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