Monday Takeover

Ok, so I goofed.  Last week I planned on sharing a few links for those of you who look forward to the summer slow down (whether you get an actual break from VC or not).  However, I got so excited about my visual literacy links that I completely and totally forgot my plan.  So today I’ve hi-jacked Matt’s Monday blog to share what I was supposed to share last week.  Plan well, grasshopper, for summer slow down is short and fleeting 🙂

Want to Give Your Teaching Style a Makeover This Summer? Here’s How by Dana Ernst

How One Professor Avoided Summer Slump 

Making Summer Work by Audrey Williams Jun

And finally, how about just taking some time to reflect?  Here’s an article with a few tips:

Why You Should Make Time for Self-Reflection (Even If You Hate Doing It)  by Jennifer Porter

Whatever you do this summer, spend some time relaxing, enjoying life, and practicing self-care!


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