Apple Clips Is Here!

Apple’s new app, Clips, takes individual clips to create a complete video in short order, allowing you to communicate quickly with your audience… and perhaps in an entertaining way. A few weeks back I quickly mentioned its development, but I wasn’t sure when it would be released. Well, it’s out there in the App Store now for the taking (it’s free!) Here are some quick bullet points that gloss over the app.

Voice-to-Text – This feature allows you to create subtitles on the fly for your video. This greatly helps your video to be accessible compliant, and is much easier than typing your text in later. In reviewing the video, if you see errors you can go and correct them before competing your video.

Filters – A common feature in nearly every photo/video app these days. You can apply several different looks to your video (black & white, comic book, etc.), if you prefer. I would suggest not overusing this, as it could be distracting.

Text/Emojis – The same emojis that your students (or you) use can be placed in your video for effect. You can also scale the emojis (like many of the other features in Clips) to make it larger.

Arranging/Editing/Deleting – The app allows you to take the various clips you made and place them in any order you like, to create a flow to your final video product. It’s a simple drag-and-drop procedure.

Music – Clips comes with various background music you can apply to your video. Or, you can bring in music from your iTunes library.

Saving/Sharing – When you wrap everything up, you have the option to share your video with a number of social media sites, or you can simply save it onto your device, so that you may upload to any location you wish.

I could have gone into greater detail describing what Clips can do, but why would you want to read about it, if you could see it in action on YouTube? Here’s a great demonstration of Clips, presented by YouTube creator 9to5Mac:

Apple’s Clip App: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Instructional Media Design Specialist
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