Recent Research – April 2017

I wanted to give you readers a break this week.  My posts have been a little on the lengthy side for the last several weeks, so I intended to only have five articles to share with you this week.  And then I found another one.  And another one.  But, I did stop at seven.

Once again, in no particular order:

Effects of peer and instructor rationales on online students’ motivation and achievement
by T. Shin, J. Ranelluci, and C. Roseth


by B. Dore, R. Morris, D. Burr, R. Picard, and K. Ochsner

by M. Hansen and J. Mendzheritskaya

Journal of Pedagogic Development: Volume 7 Issue 1 (Spring 2017)

by various authors

Technology + Pedagogy Guide: Bringing Method to the Madness

by S. Smith

College Completion: Focus on the Finish Line
by H. Boylan, B. Calderwood, and B. Bonham


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