Apple, Just Trying to Make Your Life Easier

This past week Apple announced that it has designed a free new video app called Clips. With the app (only for those using iPhones or iPads… sorry Android users), you can make a quick, short video and then immediately upload to a social media site of your choosing (but namely YouTube and Facebook). It makes creating a video a very easy task, and streamlines the publishing portion. A great addition to the Clips app is something called Live Titles. With this little add-in, you can add captions just by speaking. It also allows to animated captions, if you are feeling artsy.

So now we have to think about how we might be able to use this new (free) app with our classes. I think the possibilities are widespread, but to give a quick example or two, you can:

  • Create a quick little video and link it from Canvas, detailing what you would like your students to accomplish for a specific task. The beauty of it all, is that you can do this filming anywhere, without any special training or other hardware.
  • Have your students create mini-speeches, to demonstrate that they understood a specific topic in the classroom.

That’s just the beginning! I believe this is something that the students will really enjoy, because it should provide them topic focus with brevity and clarity.

The app will be released sometime in April (no date given as of this blog entry), and it is free! I think I mentioned that somewhere above already. When it comes out I would like to hear about the different ways you have used it, so write a comment or send me an e-mail… or, even better, a link to your video!

Here is Apple’s official press release for Clips.

Steve Holsonback
Instructional Media Design Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence
Ext. 3425


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