The Blog That I Almost Forgot to Write!

I am going to continue with my thread of recent blogs and talk a little bit about green screen (chroma keying) fun. In my workshop today, I had a good discussion on what sort of things the college could do to engage the students during their orientation. I thought: well, we have the equipment and capability, so wouldn’t it be fun to have a little green screen area/booth for the students, kind of like the sort they have at tourist sites everywhere (or at least the ones I have visited). We have the props too! The background can show the students on a pirate ship, on a beach with a treasure chest, etc. We could provide these (digital) photos to the students at the end of orientation, and they could share it on social media, perhaps stimulating interest in the college.

I think it could work, and would be happy to give my time to assist. Remember, a student having fun, is a student who is comfortable enough to want to learn.

Steve Holsonback
Instructional Media Design Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence
Ext. 3425


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