Acrobat DC Action Wizards – Optimize for Web & Mobile

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Acrobat DC also offers a wizard for optimizing your PDF for the web and mobile devices. This converts colors and embeds fonts so that they are displayed consistently. This is one of the completely automated Wizards, so it’s quick and easy!

To run this wizard:

  1. Go to the Tools menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select the Action Wizard icon.
  3. Select the Optimize for Web and Mobile wizard from the Actions List.
  4. Once the wizard is open, click Start.

Acrobat DC Optimize for Web and Mobile Wizard, highlighting the Start button

5. The Adjust Text and Images portion of the wizard will run automatically.

6. The wizard will then prompt you to Save your PDF. Save your PDF. (You may change the name and/or location if needed.

7. Close the wizard.

If you want some hands-on practice, sign up for Acrobat DC workshops during the month of February:

  • Workspace Basics (Professional Development)
  • Wizards & Exports (Management Boot Camp)
  • Basic Forms (Management Boot Camp)

Check out CAPE’s TeamUp Calendar for descriptions, dates and times!


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