Recent Research -February 2017

I have five items to share with you today, and I hope that you find at least one of them useful and/or interesting.  Please note that I am merely passing information along to those who may be interested and the views expressed are not my own nor do I speak for Victoria College (I had to add the disclaimer because, well, you know…).

Karen Locher from the VC/UHV Library shared Top 10 Trends Driving Science from ACS Axial in an email on Monday, January 31.  She does caution that you will need to enroll to receive a newsletter in order to download the white paper, so be cautious in the selections you check when enrolling.

The SCDevEd Report is from the South Carolina Association for Developmental Education and consists of “A look at what’s happening in Developmental Education & Community Colleges in SC and across the country” (editor’s note).  With all of the recent changes in developmental education and community colleges, it is nice to have a one-stop shop to find the latest news.

The Role of Informal Conversations in Developing University Teaching may be accessed through our library or through an interlibrary loan (I requested articles via interlibrary loan on Monday afternoon and they were in my inbox before noon on Tuesday!).  The research from Thompson and Trigwell from the University of Sydney “reports on the experience of mid-career academics in conversations about teaching within their departmental contexts” (abstract).

The Costs of and Net Returns to College Major is published from the National Bureau of Economic Research and may be available through our library or via interlibrary loan.  The study uses data from Florida public universities to study the costs versus net returns of producing graduates in various majors.

And finally, Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments offers six articles on writing assignments in various disciplines (such as math) and utilizing differing techniques.

Settle down for some relaxing weekend reading with these hot topics!  And, share your recent research findings in the comments below.


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