Acrobat DC Action Wizards Overview & Scanned Documents

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Acrobat has provided Action Wizards in a few previous versions. If you haven’t tried them yet, now’s the time! I blogged about the Wizards in Acrobat XI a year ago, so now I’ll provide the updated version. These Wizards are collections of automated (or mostly automated) actions to walk you through steps to improve your files, especially for accessibility. Acrobat provides a few Actions Wizards for you, but you may also like to explore the time-saving possibilities of creating your own! If you’re interested in making custom actions, check out Adobe’s support information for Action Wizard (Acrobat Pro DC). As discussed with Workspaces, this is another way to customize Acrobat to serve you better.

There are three Action Wizards I suggest you become familiar with if you’re using PDFs:

  1. Scanned Documents (if you’re using scanned PDFs)
  2. Make Accessible
  3. Optimize for Web & Mobile

Optimize Scanned Documents Action Wizard

It’s easier to create accessible PDF documents if you start with accessible Word documents. However, PDFs originating as less accessible Word, PowerPoint and/or InDesign documents may still be made into more accessible PDFs. In the event that you scanned your PDF instead of creating it accessibly in Word, the Optimize Scanned Documents Wizard is for you!

This wizard assists with making scanned documents more usable by running OCR on text, adjusting page orientation and reducing file size.

  1. Go to the Tools menu.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select the Action Wizard icon.


3. Select the Optimize Scanned Documents Wizard from the Actions List.

4. Once the wizard is open, click Start.

Acrobat DC Optimize Scanned Documents Wizard

5. In the Add Document Description area, you’ll be prompted to add a Title, Subject, Author and/or Keywords. At least add a Title.


6. The Optimize Scanned PDF step will run automatically.

7. The wizard will then prompt you to Save your PDF. Save your PDF. (You may change the name and/or location if needed.

8. Close the wizard.

Continue with the Make Accessible Wizard to make your PDF more accessible.

If you want some hands-on practice, sign up for Acrobat DC workshops during the month of February:

  • Workspace Basics (Professional Development)
  • Wizards & Exports (Management Boot Camp)
  • Basic Forms (Management Boot Camp)

Check out CAPE’s TeamUp Calendar for descriptions, dates and times!


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