Using Photoshop to Create Invitations

A few years back I needed to send out birthday invitations for my little girl’s birthday party at a roller rink. My first thought was that I could find some generic ones at the store and type up or write out directions to the venue. But then I had an epiphany! I could just make my own in Photoshop! So, I took a photo of my girl rollerskating, did a quick screen capture of the roller rink from Google Maps, and then typed up the directions, etc. I put it all together in Photoshop, and then either printed them off (cheaply – about 20 cents or so for a 4 by 6 card) or emailed them (to those parents/kids for whom I knew the email address). This week’s blog is about that: personalizing invitations using Photoshop.

So, let’s get started and make our invitations!

Let’s start it off by creating a new document (File > New).


The first window that pops up gives you a chance to choose your options. Here you can give it a name (but that’s not really necessary at this point). Also, you will want to choose the size of the document. You will notice that I chose 6 by 4, because if I wanted to print these, it would be a good size to print. The resolution here is 90 pixels/inch. You can choose any number you want, really, but I wouldn’t go higher than 300. When you change the resolution, take note of the image size changing. It could help guide you.


The screenshot below shows that I have also opened two other files in Photoshop: one is a generic stock photo of a child skating (you would open one of your own photos here). I also have a screen capture (not shown, but you can see the tab) of Google Maps, showing the location of the roller rink. You can see that I have selected the photo (either by clicking and dragging across the photo, or choosing Cmd+ A for the Mac, or Ctrl+A for a Windows PC). Then select Cmd+C (Ctrl+C) to copy the photo. You will do this for both photos here, in turn.


I have pasted the two photos (Cmd+V/Ctrl+V) onto the new document I created in the first step. As you will see, it created a new layer for each photo pasted. You can rearrange the photos as you like.


Now we need to add the text, so select the text tool, as shown below.


The options for your text (font choice, size, color, etc.) are located at the top of the workspace. Simply click your mouse anywhere on the document. A new layer will be created, and you will be able to move it around (by selecting Cmd+T/Ctrl+T) once you type the text.


The screen shot below shows that I did this several times, for each portion of the text. I did this, because it makes it easier for me to move around the separate elements of the text to fit what I am trying to accomplish.


Once I get all the details typed out, and move the photos around as I want, I can now save the document. Besides the regular “save as a jpeg” that you would expect, we will also save it in a format that will be easy to email to everyone. To do this, just choose File>Save for Web.


The two main things to note when you choose “Save for Web” are:
1) JPEG is a good file format to use;
2) Make sure “Convert to sRGB” is selected.


And that’s it! Oh, and as a bonus, here’s the invitation I came up with in about 10 minutes a couple of years back. Much more personal than a store-bought card, don’t you think?



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