Engaged, formerly young professional female in search of the perfect work bag.  Must be of adequate size to accommodate textbooks, folders, dry erase markers, pens, a water bottle, snacks, and office keys easily but not so large as to become burdensome.  Hooks or clasps for keys would be ideal so keys do not become lost in the bottom of said bag.  Bag must also be roomy enough to allow easy access and to remove items easily.  Separate compartments are required as well as something to keep folders from getting bent.  A strong, sturdy foundation is required so bag can stay upright without support.  A comfortable shoulder strap is a must!

I have been searching for the perfect work bag for several weeks months.  I purchased this tote from Walmart several years ago, and it worked quite well until the plastic coating started peeling from the bottom.  Truthfully, it had served me well and should have been put to rest on the shelf long ago, but I couldn’t find an adequate replacement.


Finally, a month or so ago, I found a bag at Target that I thought might work.  I was almost immediately disappointed as the handles became cracked and sharp within a few days of using it.

target-bag                       cracked-handles

My search began in earnest again.  On Saturday, October 29, I scoured Victoria and ended at Office Depot.  I diligently scrutinized each bag, checking for the right qualifications and measurements and finally chose one that I thought I could live with.  It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but I was desperate and wondered if I might get better quality by paying a bit more.

I transferred my things to the bag on Monday morning and brought it to work with me for a test drive.  While the bag met all of the necessary requirements, it was intended to be used as a laptop bag, so all of the compartments had extra padding.  While I liked the various sections, I couldn’t fit all of my things in it without them becoming crushed.  So, once again, I returned the bad and reverted to my Target standby.

However, I knew this relationship wasn’t intended to last much longer as the handle was beginning to break.


Knowing that I had already explored everything that Victoria had to offer, I decided to venture further abroad.  I searched Amazon for rolling carts (too heavy and didn’t want to put the wheels on tables) and briefcases (no strap, but I didn’t feel as though I had very many options).  I finally chose a briefcase after reading many online reviews.

The lucky candidate arrived on Tuesday evening.  I transferred my items from my old bag to the briefcase on Wednesday morning, but I was careful to keep all of the packaging and didn’t even set the combination on the locks.  I had a feeling from the start that I wasn’t a briefcase kind of gal and this was not going to be a long term relationship.

Throughout the day on Wednesday, this feeling became a certainty.  The briefcase definitely wasn’t for me.  I missed the shoulder strap as I struggled to open doors all day with both of my hands full.  Plus, the briefcase was heavy!  Needless to say, I printed a return packaging receipt Wednesday evening.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to find the perfect professional work bag for teachers.  If someone could create an algorithm matching professional luggage needs and available bags, I would sign up in an instant!  EHarmony for your professional baggage needs!

What types of bags/totes/backpacks/briefcases, etc. are you using (and can I try one on for size)?


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