Thanksgiving and Time

Sometimes, and this is a rare event in life, we are given the gift of time. Today, or, more precisely, yesterday, we gained an hour. As a mathematician, I can assure you, we actually have an extra hour added to our lives. That is how daylight savings works.

Sometimes, and this is a rare event in life, we are given the gift of amazing colleagues. Today, or, more precisely, Friday, I was deeply struck by all the people here at Victoria College I’ve ‘gained’. As our director of quality enhancement, I can assure you, the employees of Victoria College are amazing people.

It is my last assurance naturally that is fully serious.

In every area of Victoria College, we have impossibly talented people who make a tremendous impact on our students. As I look forward to new ways to serve our college and our students, my goal is simple:

I want to support and assist our departments and programs in telling your stories through data.

Thank you all for being you, and I hope you enjoy this gift of time we have together as much as I do.

Have an awesome week!



Matt Wiley is a tenured, associate professor of mathematics with awards in both mathematics education and honour student engagement. He earned an assortment of degrees in computer science, business, and pure mathematics from the University of California and Texas A&M systems. He is the director of quality enhancement at Victoria College, assisting in the development and implementation of a comprehensive assessment program to enhance institutional performance outcomes. A programmer, a published author, a mathematician, and a transformational leader, Matt has always melded his passion for writing with his joy of logical problem solving and data science. From the boardroom to the classroom, he enjoys finding dynamic ways to partner with interdisciplinary and diverse teams to make complex ideas and projects understandable and solvable.

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