Leveraging Your LMS for Social Responsibility

Conquering Canvas is taking a break this week to focus on a very timely topic: the presidential election.

No matter who you are or what you do, the presidential election is something all citizens should take seriously. Every four years, we as a society have the opportunity to elect a president whose views and policies can directly impact our futures.

Early voting kicked off this past Monday in the state of Texas, and early voter turnout is breaking records compared to previous elections. With this type of momentum, now is great time to remind your students to get out and vote, especially if you teach a core class with the social responsibility objective. Whether you have your students face-to-face or online, you can utilize your LMS (learning management system) to help your students get engaged in this election. The LMS is a great place to share links, videos, and other resources to help your students make an informed decision at the polls. Below are some links I’ve saved throughout this election season that I found interesting to pass along:

  • ISideWith.Com—This website shows where the candidates stand on particular issues. Users can also take a quiz to see which candidate is more aligned with their stance on important topics.
  • PBSElectionCentral.com—PBS has provided videos, interactive tools, lesson plans, virtual field trips, and all sorts of resources to help educate the public on the election process.
  • NASFAA.org—The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators has compiled bullet points for where the candidates stand on policies related to higher education.
  • EducationWeek.org—This publication has compiled statements of where the candidates stand on issues related to education.
  • KHOU.com—A Houston news source has shared an article about where the candidates stand on college costs, child care and health care.
  • NPR.org—NPR has provided fact-checked transcripts of all the presidential debates and of the vice presidential debate.
  • FEE.org—The Foundation for Economic Education shared an article on how not to waste your vote.
  • Google.com—Simply search “How to Vote” and Google will provide voting information for your state.

Interested in sharing one, some, or all of these links? Well this post wouldn’t be complete without some tie-in to Canvas, so if you want to know how to post these links in your course, check out How Do I link to an external URL in Modules?

Be sure to make your vote count between now and on November 8! And check back next week for another installment of Conquering Canvas!


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