Learning to Change

This blog comes to you from the front lines of The 2016 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis, which is hosted by Indiana University – Purdue University.

Thus, I have not a picture for today’s blog, and it shall be brief.

What I learned so far is that I think I’ve been making a mistake. Luckily, mistakes can be corrected.

But when I was explaining this to a new colleague I’d met, they asked me how long I’d been making the mistake. I said, “Oh, for about two years.”

My new friend suggested that perhaps it was a long time to be making a mistake, and wondered if I would be able to change. He figured I’d already set a precedent with the people I work with at VC.

Two years ago, I was given an extraordinary charge to be Victoria College’s Quality Enhancement Plan director. I had one week of ‘volunteer’ time before convocation week to learn the fully approved plan I inherited, and then our whole campus hit the ground running as QEP started to happen.

As I learn more this week about assessment, I hope that I am able to bring back information that will help our college and help our students.

As I learn more in my life about what it takes to be a good director, I hope I am able to have a chance to fix my mistakes when I find them.

What I do know is that I’m extraordinarily lucky to be working at Victoria College. Because when I get back to campus, I’m going to need to reach out to some people who I really should not have ignored for so long.

I do not mean to suggest that I’ve only learned about good leadership here at IUPUI’s conference. I’m learning many other things that most would find boring. Minutia of assessment lingo that will make our QEP’s fifth-year report to SACSCOC very, very well written.

However, I find conferences give me the precious gift of time. Time to reflect, time to ponder, and time to see how other institutions work and run.

So my lesson for me this week is to learn to take more time to reflect on what I’m doing. Because without that reflection, I can’t hope to work with all of you to fix mistakes I make, or, to make sure that, together, we avoid mistakes more completely.

Have an amazing week in Victoria, and I hope to see you all soon.





Matt Wiley is a tenured, associate professor of mathematics with awards in both mathematics education and honour student engagement. He earned an assortment of degrees in computer science, business, and pure mathematics from the University of California and Texas A&M systems. He is the director of quality enhancement at Victoria College, assisting in the development and implementation of a comprehensive assessment program to enhance institutional performance outcomes. A programmer, a published author, a mathematician, and a transformational leader, Matt has always melded his passion for writing with his joy of logical problem solving and data science. From the boardroom to the classroom, he enjoys finding dynamic ways to partner with interdisciplinary and diverse teams to make complex ideas and projects understandable and solvable.

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