Adobe Bridge – Why Should You Use It – Batch Renaming

The past couple of weeks we have looked at the various ways to organize your digital photographs using Adobe Bridge, namely rating and tagging. Another way to make your photographs easily searchable (and thus saving you time) is to rename the individual digital files to something that makes sense to you. That is, giving them logical file names (ex. GrandCanyon_July_2011_01, versus DSC00394).

I have tried to do this in the past (re: without the assistance of Adobe Bridge), and it is very tedious. Adobe Bridge allows you to rename a whole directory of photographs at once quickly and easily. In doing so, it also allows you to save the original file name in the photographs metadata file, just in case you would still want that information for some reason.

The first step in batch renaming is to select the files you want to change. Now choose Batch Rename… under the Tools drop down menu.


The Batch Rename window will appear. In this window you will get the chance to create your specific name for your photographs. Looking at the screen capture below, you will notice the various options given to you. Working from the top down, here are the options:

Preset: You can create your own preset, which will automatically populate the various options/information into your photographs.

Destination Folder: This selection gives you three options. The default is to just rename your photographs and keep them in the original folder. You do also have the option to move them to another folder, or just copy them to another folder (in case you want to make copies, which I highly recommend – it would be a tragedy to lose your photographs due to a hard drive crash or accidental delete).


New Filenames: This is where you will give your photographs their new name(s). There is a wide variety of ways to rename your photographs, to include simple text, dates, sequence numbers, etc. Click on any of the drop down menus to see your options. If you want to add a new field to your renaming, simply click on the plus symbol to the right of the renaming options. Likewise, clicking on the minus symbol will remove the option.


Options: Earlier I mentioned how you can keep the original file name saved in the photographs metadata. Well, this is where you make the choice to do so.

Preview: This section allows you to see the changes you will make before you finalize them. It lists the current filename, the filename the photographs will change to, and the number of photographs that will be affected.

Once you are satisfied with your renaming, just click on Rename and Adobe Bridge will change the names quickly and return you to your previous work window.


You can now see that Adobe Bridge has changed the names. Another successful way to get organized accomplished!

Next week’s blog will wrap up the Adobe Bridge series of blogs with an introduction to and instruction on metadata for your photographic digital files. See you then!

Steve Holsonback
Instructional Media Design Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence
Ext. 3425


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