Accessible Presentations – Links (Hyperlinks)

Use meaningful text for links. Don’t use the URL as the link text unless the presentation is to be printed or live. (If you have a longer presentation with lots of URLs, you may want to add the URLs as references so that you don’t have URLs in the main text.) Screen readers are able to list all of the links in a presentation, so it’s helpful to have unique, meaningful names for each link in a document.
The Hyperlink option is found in the Insert ribbon tab in the Links area.

Screenshot of PPT 2013 Insert ribbon with Hyperlink option highlighted

You may edit hyperlinks using the Hyperlink option or via right click options.

Right click on your selected hyperlink > Edit Hyperlink:

Screenshot of PPT 2013 right click options with Edit Hyperlink highlighted

Type your meaningful text in the Text to display area.


Also, add a ScreenTip in the Edit Hyperlink dialog box. This works similarly to alt text for images.

Screenshot of PPT 2013 Edit Hyperlink dialog box with Set Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box

The Text to display controls what’s visually written on the document as well as the text that will appear and be voiced in a links list by a screen reader. The ScreenTip controls what you see when you hover over the link with your mouse and will also be accessible to a screen reader.

Example of hyperlinks:
• Don’t do this: Click here for Victoria College’s website
• Do this instead (if you plan to distribute electronically): Victoria College’s website
Do this instead (if you plan to distribute in print): Victoria College’s Website (

We shift to the topic of readability next week – a topic vital for both live and electronically delivered presentation.


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