Conquering Canvas: Shortcuts and Accessibility Features

“I was on a discussion page yesterday for my class and my cat stepped on the keyboard. He made a little window pop up that showed all of the keyboard shortcuts. Some of the shortcuts included pressing “n” to create a new post. Also, pushing another letter key to go next and previous discussion. I was wondering how to pull that up again or what those shortcuts are.” –User in Canvas Community

More often than not, I can relate to the above post. My cat will walk across my keyboard at home and usually do more damage than good. In this user’s case, the cat revealed some of Canvas’ keyboard shortcuts.  Both students and instructors can take advantage of the shortcuts on the Assignments, Discussions,  and Modules pages. Instructors have the added advantage of using the shortcuts in the Gradebook and in SpeedGrader.

Shortcuts are just one of the many ways Canvas supports accessibility for its users. I cannot express enough how wonderful Canvas’ documentation is on the subject. Canvas even provides an accessibility design guide to help when formatting content.

If you haven’t checked out the above links, I suggest you do so. I’m learning new things everyday as I work in Canvas and explore the Canvas Community.


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