Adobe Bridge – Why Should You Use It – Tagging

Continuing our look at Adobe Bridge, and how it can help you with organization and other things helpful, we will check out tagging photographs this week.

A good question to ask here, is why do I want to do this? Well, it really isn’t necessary, if you really like wasting time trying to find that one really nice vacation photo from 2011 with your kids at the Grand Canyon. Especially if you don’t rename the photograph file (oh, foreshadowing to a future blog… how literary!) and just add the photographs to a hard drive with the assigned file name (something like DSC00392, which really tells you nothing). No? That doesn’t sound like a good way to spend an evening? OK, then. Stop your whinging (or whining, whichever you prefer – I was stationed in the United Kingdom once, and I adopted this word from my Royal Air Force counterparts) and get to tagging and rating your photos. Now, you really do not need to do this to every single one. You can just tag and rate your favorite photographs.

I have convinced you, right? Good. So let’s see how to do this then.


If you look at the right side of the workspace, you will notice two tabs available: Metadata and Keywords. If you select Keywords, as shown in the screen capture above, you will be able to add keyword categories through check box selections. You can create your own checkbox selections easily, to assist you with quick tagging.


To add new check boxes, simply click on the New Keyword button at the bottom right (the plus icon). Likewise, you can add subcategories (under main categories) by clicking New Sub Keyword (see screen capture below). Once you set up your keyword tags, it will be easy to start tagging your photographs.


Once you have your tags in place, you can now search your photographs for those specific keywords. To do this, just right-click on any keyword category or subcategory in the Keywords panel. Then click on “Find…”.


Select the search criteria, and click on Find.


Tags are in place, now making it easy to find your photographs. Next week we will quickly rate our photographs, to easily separate the chaff from the grain… or something like that. I was never good at idioms. See you then!

Steve Holsonback
Instructional Media Design Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence
Ext. 3425



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