Creating Your YouTube Playlist

You have your YouTube channel and you have videos uploaded to it. How about we put things in order now, using Playlists. First, a quick word about playlists. A playlist is something you can create to group certain videos. For example, if you have a series of videos dealing with historical events, you can create a playlist to show them in order. This is quite handy if you want to keep your videos short – about two to three minutes in length (highly recommended, by the way) – but want to pass on a good deal of information.

Let’s start here, at the YouTube Channel you have created. There are a couple of ways to create a playlist. I’m going to go with the most obvious, working from the channel’s front page.


If you notice, there is an option (tab) for Playlists. Go ahead and select it.


The CAPE, as you can see, has three playlists listed. How about we create another. To do that, simply select “New playlist.”


Give your new playlist a name. Here I am going to fudge it a bit, and pretend that I created a new playlist (even though I am actually only using one that has already been created). Please forgive me.


Your new playlist will look like something above, but it will not have any videos listed yet (obviously). When you select the button that says “Add videos,” you get the following screen.


YouTube gives you three options to add a video. The most common (I believe) thing to do, would be to add videos from your own channel, so clicking on the “Your YouTube videos” option gives you this next screen.


All you have to do is select which video(s) you want to add to the playlist, and then click on the blue “Add videos” button.

As I mentioned earlier, there is another way to add videos to a playlist. You can add them from the video manager (which we talked about in an earlier blog in this series).


All you have to do is select which video(s) you want to add to a playlist (by clicking the checkbox next to the video), and then click on “Add to.” A dialogue dropdown box will give you the option to add to an existing playlist, or will even allow you to create a new one.


That’s it, really. Nothing fancy, nothing too crazy. Adding videos to a playlist is pretty straightforward. As I mentioned before, I highly suggest using playlists to better organize your videos, and to also allow your viewers a logical way to progress through your videos.

Steve Holsonback
Instructional Media Design Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence
Ext. 3425


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