Uploading and Managing Videos on YouTube

Your YouTube channel has been created, and you know how to add subtitles to your videos… wait, do you have any videos in your channel? Probably not, if you have been following my out-of-order, stream-of-consciousness way of doing things. However, I am here to right the ship and make it all make sense. I hope.

First step is to go to your YouTube channel (that is, go to YouTube and log in to your account). Below you can see the CAPE’s channel. Your channel’s front page should basically have the same look/layout. At the top right you will notice a small button that says “Upload.” Click on it.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_01

Clicking on the “Upload” button will bring you here, to the upload page.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_02

There is an option here to select how you want your video published: Public, Unlisted, or Private. As you can see, it defaults to Public. This is not the only location where you can change this option, but this is what each one means:

Public: Anyone can easily locate and watch this video via a variety of ways.

Unlisted: While anyone can still watch your video, it will not be listed. This just means that someone can stumble upon it.

Private: Your video will be both unlisted and someone cannot search for it. This option is good if you want to show a specific video to a specific person. An example would be to send the URL of a draft of the video to someone so you could get feedback before publishing publicly.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_03

There are two options to upload videos here. You can either simply drag and drop videos onto the upload area, or select the large arrow and navigate to where your video is located. The option is yours.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_04

Once you have either dragged and dropped or selected a video to upload, you will get the next screen. It will show you the progress of the upload, etc. Here you can give your video a name, a description, and tags (for search engines). You can also make your selection on how you want to publish the video (Public, Unlisted, or Private). Below that you can see that you also have the option to add the video to a playlist. We will discuss playlists later.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_05

Once your video has uploaded, it will announce that processing is complete, and give you the option to select a thumbnail. Clicking the blue Publish button will bring you to the upload completion page.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_06

On the next screen capture you will notice that I have made my thumbnail selection.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_07

Here you are given the URL for your video. If you have more videos to add, you can also do that here.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_08

Selecting Video Manager from the previous screen will bring you to all your videos.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_09

On this page you can edit the individual videos…

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_10

Or, you can change a number of actions for a whole set of videos.

Adding Videos to Your YouTube Channel_11

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