Accessible Presentations – Slide Layout

Use built-in slide layouts. This benefits everyone because it’s usually much easier and more consistent than trying to achieve similar effects haphazardly.

Slide layouts are found in the Slides area of the Home ribbon:


Title Slide

There should be one Title Slide per presentation.

Go to Insert > New Slide > Title Slide:

Screenshot of PPT 2013 New Slide options with Title Slide highlighted


Other slide layouts

Choose the slide layout option that best matches your content for each slide. It’s always best to add text and/or insert tables, charts, pictures, etc. using the built-in slide features. For example, if you have text that should be in columns, you can use the Two Content or Comparison slide layout instead of inserting columns. Note: Items that are just copied and pasted may not show up in the slide order properly or not at all.




Unique slide titles

Be sure to use a unique Title for each slide.

Screenshot of PPT 2013 sample blank slide

This is a good time remember that an accessible PPT for electronic distribution may be quite different than an accessible live presentation! Remember your intended audience and end product.

Join us next week as we address Tables in PPT.


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