Conquering Canvas: An Introduction

This new semester brings a new challenge for instructors and myself: Conquering Canvas.

Earlier this year we demoed Canvas as a possible replacement for our current LMS, Blackboard. As with any major change, instructors had their hesitations, but ultimately decided Canvas would be a better fit. Thus, the transition began.

A whopping 60% of our fall courses are being taught in Canvas this fall. This is double to triple the amount of classes we were expecting when we began this transition back in May! How exciting!

Going from one LMS to another, has had its challenges though. Instructors, including myself, are still learning the features of Canvas. One of my favorite features so far is how Canvas handles notifications. Users can update their profile to add an additional email address or cell phone number so they can receive notifications to their preferred method of contact.  I receive alerts in my email without having to check Canvas. I love it!! Additionally, Canvas’ help site is one of the best I’ve ever seen!

Conquering Canvas will be a reoccurring theme throughout this semester so continue to check back for more posts about Canvas!


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