Fillable Worksheets: Test (& Note for Macs)

Keyboard with Enter key text replaced with TEST keyKeyboard image from:


Be sure to test each of your text fields with some sample text before distributing your worksheet to others. Use the non-editable copy to make sure that your end-user will be able to enter the appropriate amount of text for each field and save a copy of the worksheet. Then, make sure you can read all of the text once the file is opened again.

Important note concerning Mac users

End-Users should be able to open, complete and save the worksheet/form in any version of Adobe Reader. Mac users can open and complete the worksheet/form in Preview, too. However, if they save from Preview, the completed fields/text boxes will only be viewable by using a Mac. They will not be viewable on a PC. To avoid this, tell end-users to be sure to open the form/worksheet in Adobe Reader. This admonition may be included in your directions. Also, remind all users to save a completed version of the worksheet/form.



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