Fillable Worksheets: Tab Order

Mic Check - Penguin with icecream cone "Hello, is this thing on?"

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Check? Check?!

As important as it is to plan your fillable worksheet before you get started, you also need to check your worksheet before you finish. This involves checking the tab order, accessibility, saving two versions of your worksheet and testing the final product. Today we’ll focus on tab order.

Tab Order

Tab order determines the order in which form fields are tabbed through using the keyboard. Acrobat automatically sets a tab order, but it doesn’t always reflect a logical reading order. To be accessible, as well as usable, tab order should match your reading order.

  1. Check the automatic tab order in the Fields area of the Form Editor. (The order may be correct, especially if you manually entered your text fields in the correct order.)

Form Editor with Fields area highlighted - showing tab order2. If you need to adjust the tab order, you may drag and drop the field names into the correct order.

3. Once you’ve finished, click the Close Form Editing button.

Forms Editor - Close Form Editing buttonNote: Double check the tab order by actually tabbing through your worksheet once you are out of Form Editing mode.



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