Technical Support Scams

User beware!

Two friends of mine (a husband and wife) posted on Facebook this week that they received calls from Microsoft Technical Support, which is not within Microsoft’s protocol for handling issues. In fact, if you ever receive a call from Microsoft Technical Support, the caller is trying to scam you.  These cybercriminals use the guise of being from tech support to gain your trust to try to gain personal information from your computer.

According to Snopes, this scam has been around since 2009, but even seven years later, criminals are still seeking out victims. If you ever receive a suspicious phone call, be sure to not give out any personal information and get off the line to prevent further scamming. Microsoft provides detailed information on how to avoid phone scams and other common scams that use the Microsoft name.  Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission provides information on other types of phone scams.

As a best practice, don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize or know the number. I typically let calls go to voicemail and if the caller leaves a voicemail, I take action from there. You can never be too careful these days with who you talk to and give your information to.


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