Spring Cleaning: E-mails

Wrapping up my spring cleaning series, I’d like to focus on e-mail clean up this week.

I don’t know about you, but I receive countless emails throughout each day and week. Some are of great importance and some get sent to me because I’m on some mailing list somewhere. I do my best to tame my inbox, but occasionally it gets out of control.

I have a bad habit of marking emails as “read” without actually reading them and then leaving them in my inbox indefinitely. I also have a bad habit of subscribing to email lists and then having those emails automatically move into a folder to bypass my inbox. I currently have two folders with 450+ unread emails that I may or may not actually go through some day. My reasoning for these bad habits is that I think I may “need” one of these emails one day. In reality, if I didn’t read it, I probably won’t need it.

These emails that I keep in my inbox or a subfolder indefinitely are slowly taking up space. I don’t just mean computer space; I mean space on my email account. Victoria College employee email accounts are hosted through a Microsoft Exchange Server. This Exchange Server is responsible for receiving, sending, and storing all emails associated with each account. So, all the emails that are received and sent either through Outlook or Web Mail are taking up space on our accounts. Right now this might not affect most users, but if an account reaches capacity, then that user will no longer be able to send or receive emails. That’s a problem!

Don’t be like me and let those emails stack up and take up space. Take some time to clean out old email or archive your inbox so that your email account doesn’t reach capacity unexpectedly.

Additionally, if you’re curious about how to be more productive in Outlook, be sure to sign up for my workshop, Outlook 2013: Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Productivity. To check out availability of workshop times, please visit our CAPE TeamUp calendar. The Outlook workshop will be offered various times April 7-April 13.



  1. Do you happen to know what “capacity” means for us here at VC, either in terms of, uh, gigs/bytes (?) or rough number of emails? I thought I was doing okay, but now I’m going to clear out some more!


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