Fillable Worksheets: Add Text Fields

Note: If Acrobat has automatically added any unnecessary form fields, you may delete them by clicking on each unneeded field and then clicking Delete with your keyboard.

You will most likely need to add some or all of your text fields.

  1. In the Tasks area, select Add New Field. This will provide a dropdown menu. Choose Add Text Field.

Forms Task options, choosing Addd New Field and Text Field2. When placing a form field, the cursor will change to the form field box with crosshairs to help align the field within your document. To place the field, click the location where you wish the field to be placed. (Note: If you need gridlines to help line things up, click Control + U.)

Sample form field3. After the field has been placed, Acrobat will prompt you to name the field. Be sure to add a meaningful name – this is important for accessibility.

Highlighted form field with Field Name4. When you’ve finished adding all of your text boxes, uncheck the box Keep Tool selected.If you need to add multiple text fields, check the box Keep tool selected. (This is located the top toolbar area of Acrobat.)

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro toolbar with form fields options highlighting Keep tool selectedNext week, we’ll learn how to edit form field properties.


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