Easter Eggs

When was the last time you looked for Easter eggs?

No, not the excellent hunt put on by student activities.  I mean, when did you last look for life’s bonus moments?  When was the last time you looked for Easter eggs?

A few years ago, I visited one of Houston’s museums which was hosting a Fabergé exhibit.  I was and am fascinated by the extraordinarily gorgeous creations of exceptionally fine artistry on such a tiny, delicate scale.  If you have never seen one of their jeweled eggs, you should.  They are breathtaking inside and out.

Of course, not all eggs are jeweled.  Some are more conceptual, such as Google’s Pacman game where hitting insert coin twice brings up Mrs Pacman and team play with the wsad and arrow keys.  Or for something more immediate, my fellow iPhone users might dial *3001#12345#* to access some interesting information about cellular connectivity.

Outside the world of pricy art or ubiquitous technology, Easter eggs are not often so well hidden.

Or are they?

It is not always easy to learn a coworker shares your enjoyment of a favorite series of novels.  It may feel rare for students to ask questions taking initial concepts deeper.  All the same, sometimes colleagues take something required for accreditation and turn it into something that is awesome, as our SEAL Academy Team 4 is actively doing right now.  Students do ask questions to deepen and grow their learning and write awesome thank you notes.  And of course, even the most reserved of coworkers can still find common interests over the years.  All it takes is a little effort to find the awesome in the world around us.

What Easter eggs do you find in your life?  What are our “too well kept ‘secrets’” here at Victoria College?



Matt Wiley is a tenured, associate professor of mathematics with awards in both mathematics education and honour student engagement. He earned an assortment of degrees in computer science, business, and pure mathematics from the University of California and Texas A&M systems. He is the director of quality enhancement at Victoria College, assisting in the development and implementation of a comprehensive assessment program to enhance institutional performance outcomes. A programmer, a published author, a mathematician, and a transformational leader, Matt has always melded his passion for writing with his joy of logical problem solving and data science. From the boardroom to the classroom, he enjoys finding dynamic ways to partner with interdisciplinary and diverse teams to make complex ideas and projects understandable and solvable.

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