Fillable Worksheets: Get Started

After you’ve created your base worksheet in Word, it’s time to move to Acrobat.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.
  2. From the Welcome screen choose “Create Form.”

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Welcome screen, highlighting Create Form task option3. In the Create Form dialog box, choose From Existing Document and click Next.

Create Form dialog with From Existing Document option selected4. In the Existing Form dialog box, select Choose Another File and Browse to your Word document. (In the event that you still have your Word document open, you may also choose Current Document.) Then, click Continue.

Existing Form dialog with Choose Another File option selected5. You’ll see a Progress status bar. (During this process, Acrobat will try to detect form fields, but it will not detect all form fields correctly. You will most likely still need to add or edit fields.)

Progress status bar6. When your form opens, a Form Editing dialog will pop up – click OK.

Form Editing dialog box7. Acrobat will automatically open your form in form editing mode. In this mode, you may view and edit your fields as needed. The editing tools are only available in this mode.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro with Form Editing mode openNote: If you need to work on a form which is already started in Acrobat, you can get to form editing mode by going to: Tools > Forms > Edit

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Tools menu, choosing Forms and Edit optionNext week, we’ll work on adding text fields!


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