Spring Cleaning: Computer Files Edition

Last week I talked about cleaning off your desktop. If you haven’t already cleaned yours off, you’re behind!!

This week I’d like to focus on cleaning up files in general. For employees who have been at the college many years, you have probably accumulated numerous files in your network drive, some of which you haven’t opened in years. While the files saved on the network drive(s) don’t affect your computer’s hard drive space, they do take up space on the servers that store those files. Think of the biggest file or folder you have saved on your network drive. Now think of that file or folder times 100. This is a rough idea of how much space is taken up on servers that store your files. You and possibly 100 or more people are saving files to these servers, taking up space.

It is good practice to periodically clean out the files you store on your network drive to alleviate space on the server. I’ve been here about three and a half years now, and I know there’s files I haven’t opened since my first year of employment. I also have files I saved to my network drive to work on them for someone else, and once I was done, I never went back and deleted them. These files are unnecessarily taking up space.

If you know you’re not going to need a file again, then delete it. If you think you might need it again, but still want to remove it from its current location, then save it to a flash drive or an external hard drive. PC World discusses flash drive versus external hard drives and The Tech Reviewer has a great article on why you should invest in an external hard drive. If those articles peaked your interest, check out PC Mag’s article on how to buy an external hard drive.

While my article targets cleaning up your office files, your home computers could probably use some clean up, too. Taking time to clean up your files will make your computer run faster in the long run, and backing up files to an external drive will ensure you never lose your important files.

Happy Spring {File} Cleaning!


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