iMovie versus Adobe Premiere

A question I have received a couple of times, is “which program do you prefer when editing video (clips): Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie?” Now, much like any other loaded question, it generally depends on personal preferences and what is comfortable for you. Also, will whichever one you choose get the job done?

Let’s start by stating that I really like using iMovie, and I like it for several reasons. I feel real comfortable with Apple products (aforementioned software and their hardware). In my previous life out in California the institute for which I worked did a big changeover from Windows-based hardware to Apple. We were issued iPads and MacBook Pros with which to work. And I came to enjoy working with the new toys. So much so, I made the switch in my house as well. This is just my personal preference.

OK, back to the question(s) at hand: which video editing program do I prefer, and why? I use both, and I have analyzed which program is preferred for a specific task. If I have a short deadline, and the requirements of the tasking aren’t complicated, I will go with iMovie. It’s quick and easy, doesn’t have too many bells and (distracting) whistles, and it’s easy to navigate. If, on the other hand, I can dedicate lots of time to a project, and it is a bit more complicated, I can use Premiere Pro. That way I can take advantage of the wonderful things it allows me to do with video and audio. However, I am the type to become easily distracted with shiny things, and Premiere Pro has lots of them. Sometimes I will get lost in what I am doing (or trying to do), and will have to seek out advice on how to conquer what I want to do.

So, in summation, when asked whether I prefer iMovie or Premiere Pro, you just might find me simply answering “Yes.” My advice is just go with what is comfortable to you. From there you can play around with the software and decide for yourself. Explore, and see what you can do with each (if you have the opportunity or inclination).

Steve Holsonback
Instructional Media Design Specialist
Center for Academic & Professional Excellence
Ext. 3425


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