Adobe Acrobat: Intro to Creating Fillable Worksheets

We just finished creating accessible documents in Acrobat. Now, we turn to an interactive type of PDF document, a fillable worksheet. Over the next few weeks, we’ll walk through creating a simple, fillable PDF worksheet using Word 2013 and Acrobat XI. We’ll only cover basic text fields. If you need assistance with more complex forms and form field types, please contact CAPE for more Acrobat forms guides and workshops.

(Note: If your computer has been updated to Adobe Acrobat DC, contact CAPE if you need assistance navigating the new interface.)

Start with Word – Start with a Plan

Time to Plan - Stylized clock with hand holding blue highlighter writing planPlan image from:

Start your worksheet as an accessible Word document. Also, be sure to plan ahead. Visualize what your worksheet will look like and how much space may be needed for each answer.

  • Use appropriate styles (headings), lists, fonts, etc. as needed. (Refer to accessible Word document guides for more details.)
  • Leave sufficient space between questions for the answer textboxes you’ll create next with Acrobat. If you have a fill-in-the-blank type of question, such as a name, you won’t need to leave more than a line’s worth of space. However, if you have a short answer/essay question, you’ll need to allow enough space (multiple lines or possibly a page) to write a paragraph (or two or three). It’s always best to err on the side of leaving too much space for an answer than not enough.
  • Be sure to close your Word document once you are finished. (If you don’t close the Word document, you won’t be able to create your form in Acrobat.)

Check back after Spring Break as we get started with Acrobat’s Form Editor.



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