Spring Desktop Cleaning

Does your desktop look like this?

Cluttered Desktop
(My actual desktop)

If it does, then you’re not alone. I’m guilty of saving items to the desktop so I can quickly access them but continuously doing it leaves me with a very cluttered desktop.

In light of clutter, my blogs for March will focus on some spring technology cleaning. While you’re in the mood to clean out the garage or a closet you keep throwing things in, don’t forget your technology could use some clean up, too!

As illustrated above, our desktops can quickly become riddled with files. Once this happens, I find it hard to find anything I need to work on. So, once a month I try to take some time to clean up my desktop. This can be a tedious process depending on how many files I have, but it needs to get done. Files I no longer need, I delete. Files I may need later get moved to my network drive. In case you didn’t know, your network drive is one of the safest places for files you don’t want to lose. The network drives are backed up frequently and aren’t affected if your computer crashes or gets reimaged.

Want to get started de-cluttering your desktop? Check out Tech Advisory’s article! And don’t forget to empty the recycle bin when you’re done!


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