Adobe Acrobat: Extractions

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Extractions can be painful, but extracting pages from large PDFs doesn’t have to be! Sometimes we have a large PDF and only want to share a few pages with students or colleagues. Acrobat makes this type of extraction easy!

Extracting pages from a large PDF

  1. Go to the Tools pane.
  2. Click on Pages.
  3. Choose Extract.
  4. In the Extract Pages dialog box: Choose the pages you want to extract and click okay (Note: leave the check-boxes unchecked!! This way your original PDF stays intact and your extracted pages don’t each come up as separate PDF files.)
  5. Your extracted pages will pop up as a new PDF.
  6. Go to Save As, choose PDF and name the new file.

Join me next week as we learn how to use Adobe Acrobat to create basic, fillable worksheets. (I’m offering workshops at CAPE on this topic tomorrow and next week as well!)






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