Adobe Acrobat: Exports

Shipping box labeled ExportImage from:

Acrobat XI provides you with the opportunity to export to other formats. This is helpful if you need to make edits to your documents, especially if you lost the original Word document or if you are working from a scanned copy. (This is a great time saver if you’ve “inherited” old documents from someone else!) Acrobat does allow you to make some edits using the Content Editing tools, but it’s much easier (and more accessible) to make changes in Microsoft Office. You have the option to export to the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word Document
  • Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document
  • Rich Text Format
  • Microsoft Excel Workbook
  • XML Spreadsheet 2003
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

(Note: The export works best if you are exporting back to the same format as your source document.)

To export:

  1. Go to Tools.
  2. Choose Content Editing.
  3. Choose Export File to …
  4. Select your desired format.

Adobe Acrobat XI Tools menu highlighting Content Editing options and Export File to options5. You will then be prompted to save the resulting document.


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