The Role of the LMS

About a month ago, Victoria College faculty attended a demonstration on a competing Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Blackboard is Victoria College’s current LMS. Over the next few weeks, over 20 faculty (and counting) are exploring the differences in the two systems to determine which system is the best fit for learning and teaching at our institution.

Having an administrative role for our LMS, I’m tasked with comparing the two systems and noting similarities and differences so that I can pass along this information to our faculty. As I explore Canvas, I struggle to figure out what information will be the most useful to the faculty so that they can make an informed decision. Our faculty currently utilize Blackboard in a variety of ways: some teach their courses completely online, some only use it to share lectures or course materials, some only use it to post grades, and many fall somewhere in between.

So I’m asking our readers out there, what functions do you use in our LMS? Assignments? Test/Quizzes? Grades? Posting materials? If you don’t teach an online course, how do you utilize the LMS? If you’re not currently using the LMS, how would you like to use it to enhance your course? What would make your teaching life easier?

Please post in the comments below, send me an email, or give me a call at x6487!


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