Technology in the Classroom

I subscribe to several email lists, most of which include information about educational technology. As I was skimming through my recent emails, I was enticed by the subject line “Innovators in Online Learning Webinar- Speed Geeking with Tina and Nancy.”

Speed Geeking? Like speed dating but with geeky technology stuff? SIGN ME UP!

Of course the email was promoting their upcoming webinar, but it also included a link to their blog post Ten Reasons to Incorporate Technology in Your Classroom:

If you’re not utilizing technology in the classroom, the list posted on the blog may encourage you to do so. Technology has become an integral part of our lives and incorporating it into the learning process can be beneficial to both the instructor and the student.

For those who do already incorporate technology into their learning environment, I challenge you to comment on this post with 1) How you’re using technology, 2) How using technology has helped you, and 3) Something you’d like to learn to do using technology in the classroom.


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