Adobe Acrobat: Scanned Documents

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Optimize Scanned Documents Action Wizard

It’s usually best to start with an accessible Word, PowerPoint and/or InDesign document; however a less accessible document may still be made into a more accessible PDF by using a variety of tools in Acrobat. In the event that you (or someone else) scanned the PDF instead of creating it accessibly in Word, the Optimize Scanned Documents Wizard is for you!

It’s a life (or at least major time) saver if you ever scan some or all pages in the document upside down – the wizard turns them all right side up for you! You no longer need to adjust each page individually. (Unfortunately, it’s not “smart” enough to adjust pages that were accidentally scanned out of order!)

This wizard assists with making scanned documents more usable by running OCR on text, adjusting page orientation and reducing file size.

  1. Go to the Tools pane.
  2. Select the Action Wizard panel.
  3. Select the Optimize Scanned Documents Wizard.
  4. Once the wizard is open, click Start.

Acrobat XI Optimize Scanned Documents Wizard5. In the Add Document Description area, you’ll be prompted to add a Title, Subject, Author and/or Keywords. At least add a Title.

Acrobat XI Document Description dialog box6. The Optimize Scanned PDF step will run automatically.

7. The wizard will then prompt you to Save your PDF. Save your PDF. (You may change the name and/or location if needed.)

8. Close the wizard.

Continue with the Make Accessible Wizard to make your PDF more accessible. We’ll discuss this wizard next week! (Note: In the event that running the Optimize Scanned Document Wizard makes your document strange (a bit fuzzy) visually, try skipping it and just use the Make Accessible Wizard. The Make Accessible Wizard will fix the same issues.)


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