Accessible Documents: PDF


Last semester, we focused on creating accessible documents with Word. For the next few weeks, we’ll explore how to convert these documents (as well as scanned documents) to accessible PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat. If you have questions about working with PDF documents, Alex Suchon and I are happy to assist you. CAPE will also be offering several workshops focused on Adobe Acrobat during February and March.

Why PDF?

Woman's face surrounded by question marksImage from:

  • Standard format for documents uploaded to VC’s website, Portal and Blackboard
  • Faster downloads from Blackboard or web
  • Platform/device neutral and free Reader software available
  • Ability to add text and tags to scanned pages to improve accessibility
  • Tools for creating accessible PDF forms
  • Tools for editing reading order and document structure
  • Security setting that allows screen readers to access text while preventing users from copying, printing, editing, and extracting text
  • Text based, tagged PDFs are easier for search engines to analyze (search engine optimization)

Upcoming Workshops

Visit our CAPE TeamUp Calendar for details and registration.

  • Adobe Acrobat XI: Wizards & Exports! (February 16, 17, 23 and 24)
  • Adobe Acrobat XI: Creating Fillable Worksheets (March 1, 2, 8 and 9)



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