Change for the Better?

I had a brief encounter with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, or better known as Adobe Acrobat DC. I’m not happy about it. Normally I embrace changes and upgrades to newer versions of software but something about this latest version just gets under my skin. I can now sympathize with those people who have been using the same software for years without any problems who become befuddled by the latest and greatest version.

On the surface, the Acrobat DC interface looks friendly and intuitive by including more icons to reflect previously existing functions. For those of us who have used previous versions of Acrobat, this is a significant change. I waste more time trying to find functions than actually accomplishing the task at hand.

Additionally, Acrobat DC has embraced the use of “the cloud.” Hence, the DC in its name standing for Document Cloud. To take advantage of these features, you must have an Adobe Account and possibly be a subscriber to the service. The cloud aspect does have its perks. Documents and profile saved to your account can be synced on devices with Acrobat DC. On the flip side, there’s always vulnerabilities with cloud service, such as hacking. Private documents stored through the cloud are at risk of being exposed.

Along the lines of utilizing the cloud, the means by which digitally signing documents, a common function at Victoria College, has changed. I’m still unsure how to digitally sign documents in Acrobat DC as it was done in previous versions. So far my findings have turned up how to use the new cloud features to send out documents for signing.

With these changes, this leads me to think…is change always for the better? While change is inevitable, who may it be doing a disservice to? Unfortunately in this case, Acrobat users will have no choice but to eventually commit to Acrobat DC. In the meantime, I will be using Acrobat XI until I have the time to explore the improvements in Acrobat DC.


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